Hard days {day 10}

Some days…we just have a hard time! Can’t say why she was crying but she was. Most likely, this mommy said no to something she wanted. And here Buddy is not thrilled about… Continue reading

Chiropractor time {day 9}

Our whole family visits the chiropractor. And we have a wonderful chiropractor! This was the first time JellyBean actually got on the table by herself and laid flat, face down on the table!… Continue reading

Flour is delicious! {day 8}

I thought she was too quiet for too long! Found her in the kitchen drawer eating flour. What?!? I promise…I DO feed this girl! Obviously, flour is delicious!

Marker mouth {day 7}

Just a minute or two before I took this shot, I pulled out the tip of  a marker from her mouth. JellyBean’s bit the tips of about 4-5 markers in just the past couple of… Continue reading

The Potty Seat {Day 6}

Why actually use the potty and do all that hard work when you can simply hear the cheers and song (that’s supposed to come ONLY when you go in the potty) by a… Continue reading

Changing Station {day 5}

As parents, it’s pretty scary how impressionable our kids are. Kids learn so quickly! A little while back I started noticing JellyBean take her sister’s dolls and begin to “change” them! The first… Continue reading

Green Mustache {Day 4}

My little buddy with his green mustache. I’ve been slowly trying to get my kids to “taste” some homemade juice but as you can probably imagine…they hesitate because it’s green! I had been… Continue reading

Late night studying {day 3}

Hopefully, I’ll be able to take a photo and upload the same day. For now, I’ll be posting as I get them downloaded from the camera, edited and uploaded to a post. This… Continue reading

Snack break at the corner dive {day 2}

Photo taken with my iphone using Camera+.

Bedtime stories {day 1}